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From the iconic kidney grill to the revolutionary performance technology, BMWs have earned the moniker "The Ultimate Driving Machine" for a reason. Because these German roadsters roll off the line so finely tuned, they require expert maintenance to keep them at peak performance for years to come. 

At Benzin Motor Works, our technicians have decades of experience working on BMW models. By devoting attention solely to BMWs, we've developed an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to repair any issues you may encounter. 

Here are just a few examples of repairs we see daily. 

General Maintenance

No vehicle stays on the road for long without sticking to the factory recommended maintenance schedule. With your BMW, the on-board maintenance system helps you keep track of scheduled maintenance and wear and tear to individual components and fluid levels. 

From bi-annual tune ups, to preventative maintenance that ensures small problems don't become big problems, the devoted technicians at Benzin Motor Works handle it all. 

We have the knowledge and equipment needed to perform all varieties of general maintenance on your BMW. 

A/C & Heat

In Oklahoma, you can't afford to drive a vehicle without a working air conditioner and heater. The intuitive climate control in your BMW may not impact performance, but it certainly impacts your ability to drive comfortably. 

If your BMW's blower resister, or final stage unit, is in need of repair or you're just not getting enough hot or cold air when you need it, stop in and see the experts at Benzin Motor Works. 


Properly functioning brakes are, of course, critical to your driving experience. While there are a number of issues that may cause brakes to fail, there are also a number of early warning signs that can help repairs be made before a disaster. 

Your BMW requires specifically tailored brake parts. At Benzin Motor Works, our experience with BMWs allows us to quickly diagnose brake problems and repair with high quality parts on hand. 

Check Engine Lights

Your BMW's onboard diagnostics system monitors numerous components and processes in your vehicle. When it senses a problem, you get the ominous check engine light illuminated on your dash. When that happens, head directly to Benzin Motor Works. We'll quickly diagnose the issue and advise you on what to do next.

Check engine lights can be triggered by anything from a loose gas cap to a blown head gasket or worn out spark plugs. Bring your vehicle in immediately and we'll pinpoint the problem for you. 

Cooling System

Without a working cooling system, your engine can overheat. Your BMW's cooling system can be particularly finicky, which requires you have it checked regularly and repaired immediately at the first signs of trouble. 

Leaks in hoses, clogs, and other issues with the fan system, or radiator need immediate attention. Bring your Bimmer to Benzin Motor Works for expert repairs and preventative maintenance. 

Electrical Repairs

The finely tuned aspects of BMW contribute to the superior performance, but also mean there are many intricate electronic components that must interact perfectly. When one of these malfunctions, it can cause problems that range from a minor annoyance to a significant safety hazard. 

Fortunately, your BMW typically does a good job of letting you know when something's wrong. And when that happens, simply stop by Benzin Motor Works for expert electrical repairs.